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Child protection and Education

Child protection and  education  pillar  is particularly informed  because  of  the  main  economic  activities  of the  interest  groups. Migrants, and particularly nomads, are among the most marginalised social groups, and are widely excluded from educational provision, despite pledges of Education For All. The phenomenon of movement itself presents many challenges for both providers, and would-be users, of educational services.

WOKIKE   is actively involved in the improvement  of school  facilities  such as building  of classes  , water  storage  tanks   amongst other crucial  amenities  for  schools .  Besides infrastrature, we collaborate with communities by  providing  them  with responsibilities  such us Schoolls  board of management  to help them own  the schools and  also  define  the  future for them.

 We have have  developed  child  protection  programs aimed  at  preventing  children  from  retrogressive  cultural  practices  through education programs  awareness .  With  collaboration  with  local  communities  through dialogue  and  community  workshops , parents  have  been sensitized  on cultural  practices  such  as FGM  and early  marriages  and also been involved   in development  of  policies   aimed  at  empowering  communities .

 With  collaboration with partners ,  we collaborate  with  local communities  on development  programs   such  as hygiene  programs  in  concentrated  camps , thereby  significantly  decreasing  children mortality. Our  children rights campaign  are also  geared towards ensuring  crucial  children  needs  such  us immunization,registration  of children  at birth    are effectively  done. WOKIKE  is a member  of child rights  network  both  at the  county level and at the national  level.

 This  pillar  seeks  to  provide children  with  proper  health care ,  provide  education  ,and champion for  their  rights  .