Child protection and Education

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We believe every girl deserves a chance to dream and reach her full potential. The UmmulKheir Girls’ Home embodies this belief, providing a safe haven and empowering education for girls who have faced multiple risks and challenges including retrogressive cultural practice, poverty, or are orphaned.

For over 29 years, UmmulKheir has been a sanctuary to many girls, we operate during school terms (January-November), offering a temporary home and holistic support while integrating girls back into their communities during holidays. This unique approach fosters a sense of belonging and community connection.

From pre-school to Class 8 (current junior school), our girls receive quality education within a nurturing environment. We also welcome children from the community, creating a diverse learning space. Recognizing the power of education, we offer scholarships to deserving girls, supporting their journey through high school and even university.

Beyond academics, UmmulKheir provides a comprehensive program that fosters;

  • Social and emotional development: We offer counseling, life skills workshops, and recreational activities to build resilience and confidence.
  • Cultural engagement: We celebrate traditions and encourage positive cultural practices.
  • Community integration: We partner with local authorities, families, and community organizations to ensure a smooth transition back home during holidays and after completing their education.

As a leader in child protection, Womankind Kenya through UmmulKheir program reflects this commitment. We adhere to stringent policies and procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of every girl entrusted to our care.


Investing in Ummul-Kheir means investing in the future of girls and their communities. Your support can help us:

Senior high school- @ KES 90,000 per girl for a year

Mid-level college @ KES 120,000 per girl for a year.

University@ KES150,000 per girl per year.

Together, we can empower girls to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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