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The concept of climate change resilience requires greater attention to human livelihoods if it is to address the limits to adaptation strategies and the development needs of the poorest and most vulnerable people. Although the concept of resilience is increasingly informing research and policy, its transfer from ecological theory to social systems leads to weak engagement with normative, social and political dimensions of climate change adaptation. 

WOKIKE  strives to empower the vulnerable  populations  through empowerment  programs  as well as strategic partnerships  with  metrological  bodies . This helps in the  detection  of weather  patterns  thus  guiding  mitigation  strategies ,public awareness of  forecasts  and  planning  of  relief efforts .

One of the challenges faced by communities, and particularly vulnerable groups within communities, is simply a lack of access to information that would facilitate planning and risk management. Ensuring that communities are able to access critical information such as seasonal forecasts and early warnings, will support their efforts to manage their livelihoods in a context of uncertainty. Empowering them to use this information is a key part of the process – target populations should be encouraged to adopt and adapt strategies in innovative ways based on current and future evidence, to give them not only the ownership but also the confidence to take leadership of the process.

 WOKIKE  endavours  to provide local communities with alternative farming  practices  such  us  irrigation farming , livestock  farming  with  better breeds  of livestock . We also  source  for  market   for the farm produce. The objective  is to  ensure that each homestead generate enough income  for sustainalibility  and  economic security.

Besides relief efforts programs for droughts and conflict displaced populations, WOKIKE   is   involved in advocacy practices as a rights based organization  thereby  developing  contingency  plans  with government  bodies  such  us National drought Management Authority (NDMA)  .

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