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Sustainable Cross Boarder Peace, Security and Conflict Transformation Project (2024-2025)-Deris Wanaag  Garissa Juballand Project

Location: Kenya; Hulugho/Bodhai/ Kolbio

Implemented by Womankind Kenya and funded by Adam Smith

The Goal of the program is to enhance the resilience of the Local community to prevent and Mitigate Violent Extremism and conflict.


The Project employs strategies to strengthen the resilience and capacities of Cross Boarder community members, government, and non-state actors to prevent and mitigate violent extremism and conflicts improving sustainable mechanism for the peace and security initiatives. Recognizing the unique role of women, youths, and other vulnerable groups as agents of change in Peace building and conflict transformation, the project undertakes gender mainstreamed approach in delivery of intervention.

Strong cross-border cooperation and border community engagement is crucial in mitigating risks of cross-border attacks, both side of the border have community peace structures however these conflicts are complex, dynamic, and ever changing and the border peace building structures may a times not have the relevant capacities and know how to address them before it escalates. The project endeavors to strengthen cooperation to allow the neighboring cross-borders communities to collaborate, coordinate and address the issues that affect them together.

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