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In partnership with AAID Kenya, Womankind Kenya is implementing a multi-year Strategic partnership and Accountability Project in Garissa County.

The overall Objective of the project is that young people, especially women, and marginalised people enjoy fundamental rights through improved access to well-resourced programmes and public services, improved sustainable livelihoods, protection from and resilience to shocks, disasters, and protracted crisis in in arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya including informal settlement of Nairobi.

In Kenya lack of gender-responsive public services (GRPS) is both a source of inequality and a major barrier for the enjoyment of rights, more expounded during emergencies. In amidst of inequalities there is a growing movement amongst young people demanding change at all levels. Hazards from climate change continues to cause negative socio-economic impacts (losses of livelihoods, income and job opportunities, high staple food prices, household food and nutrition insecurity, low crop production, livestock mortalities, displacement of populations, increased gender-based violation ) on vulnerable communities (women, young people, elderly, children, and people with disabilities) especially women smallholder farmers, agro-pastoralist, and pastoralist households residing in Arid and Semi-Arid areas.


Locally Led Action In Garissa County

As a result of the Project, Youths, Women and Vulnerable have formed strong and inclusive movement grassroot movement in  Garissa  County called, Garissa Activista and Garissa Ecovista.

  • Young people and their allies can hold governments to account for the delivery of well-resourced public services and social protection programs.
  • Strengthened capacities of young people build leadership and have knowledge and tools to hold governments and humanitarian actors
  • Facilitated Young people to engage in social movements and with other stakeholders to build alliances and bring leverage to their actions.
  • Capacities of Young people to analyze and define their priorities and gather evidence for advocacy strengthened. Young people and their allies meaningfully participate in decision making processes at all levels.
  • Young people can develop and pilot alternative solutions for adaptation.
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