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Womankind Kenya is a national NGO registered in 1995.The organization particularly targets women and children, the most vulnerable members of the society; it addresses issues of Education, sustainable Livelihood, Water Sanitation & Health, Women Empowerment, Good Governance and emergencies interventions. The organization works with the pastoral communities at large to identify core problems.

Womankind Kenya Mission: – To build confidence, raise self-esteem and empower the community we work with to participate fully in their own affair and decision making to facilitate community based projects. This is aimed to exploit the natural and human resources available in the region whilst sustaining and improving the environment for the benefit of the livelihoods. The organization aims to bring together the local community with their expertise and experience and the development agencies with their resource to confront Ignorance, Diseases, Poor Livestock Husbandry, Environmental Degradation and the resultant Poverty and Retrogression.

Womankind Kenya forms the basis for networking with Development Stakeholders both national and international to create a resource center and coordination platform to forge an inclusive planning for a sustainable community development on challenges affecting the pastoral community. While also Integrate the existing unexplored opportunities and successful model projects for improvement of socio-economic status of the target population.

We are guided by five main  pillars:

  • Climate Change  Resillience and Livelihood
  • Child Protection and Education
  • Women empowerment and just governance
  • Peace  Building  and  conflict transformation
  • Orphans and  Vulnerable  Children
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